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About Get Off My Lawn

Get Off My Lawn is a friendly progressive guild of mostly new raiders. 
Starting off as a social guild, Get off my Lawn built a raid team during the end of Cataclysm. Most of those raid members stopped raiding and the team reformed a-new in Mists of Pandaria 5.1. The team was mostly with fresh new raiders who had never raided before. Slowly but surely we've all grown and learned together and become one of the more progressed guilds in Aman'thul, while still boasting a fun atmosphere. 
We like to keep two things in mind while raiding. Firstly this is a game and we are all here to have fun. Secondly, when raiding we all depend on each other, we all expect to do our best and each other to do their best (It's not fun to carry when we're trying to progress). We are very proud to say that last expansion we got the realm second kill for Mythic Garrosh! and since we've managed to achieve ahead of the curve for every raid since. Our guild has 2 goals regarding progress we always like to keep in mind. 1) Ahead of the Curve for every raid we can. 2) Front page of Wowprogress. When people look at aman'thul, I want them to see <Get Off My Lawn>. 

Currently we are 13/13 HFC N 13/13 HFC H (10/10 H BRF 1/7M 7/7H HM)

Our raid times are:

Saturdays  5PM ST - 9PM ST

Sundays    5PM ST - 9PM ST

Please note ST stands for Server Time, which in this case is UTC + 10:00.

Why join us?

We're nice. We're fun and we down bosses!
We help people improve and give everybody a fair go! not everybody is right for the team and not everybody can improve to the point where we need them to be. But if you put in the effort, have the skill and want a place to have fun! THIS is a great place where you can do just that!


10/10/15. We finally got up to heroic Archimonde, not a lot of time for him this week unfortunately but gratz to everybody on finally getting there. 

Last week we killed Tyrant Velharri for the first time as a ONE SHOT...we still hardly know the fight lol. Xhulhorac took like 6 pulls in total I think. So our progress over the past fortnight has been great. Very proud of everybody. Archimonde is going to be an adventure but we'll see how we do!

We discovered Joralions secret talent below. If this doesn't make you feel warm inside, You're probably a refridgerator.

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